Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Attack of the $5 Robots!!!!

So I was in town today mailing packages (again) and ran across these guys in my local Dollar General:

They're from a line of toys called M.A.R.S. Heroes from a company called Hap-P-Kid Toy. I've purchased a few of these M.A.R.S. figures before, but this is a new kinda deal.

The figures come in a set of 3 with assorted accessories for $5.00

A fiver for all this aint bad at all:

You get 3 handguns, 6 shoulder attachments, and 4 bases that are interchangeable. The bases are soft, translucent vinyl with painted details. The guns are PVC and are a bit harder than the bases, but both are pretty flexible. They are nowhere near as bad as the floppy guns Hasbro has been using with their figures in the last few years.

Each figure is made up of 9 pieces, and each piece is connected by a common ball and socket joint.

This means you can interchange the parts between the figures to make cust9om built figures. The torsos and the upper thighs are made of harder ABS plastic, and all the other parts are softer PVC. This means the joints probably won't wear out as easily as the older M.A.R.S. figures. The only major differences between these and the older figures is the size and the loss of the elbow joint. The older figures' arms were made in two parts with a ball joint at the elbow. These have one-piece arms, but the ball jointed shoulders allow for enough flexibility that the figures can double grip weapons.

They're a smidge shorter than Star Wars figures, but since they could be used as droids it could work out.

They fit in rather nicely with Glyos figures and would look great in a display with them.

As an added bonus, the weapons fit in Glyos figure hands, so you now have cheap handguns for your Glyos guys!

All in all these guys are pretty nice figures!

Even if they were selling for 5 bucks each they'd be a very, very good buy in today's toy marketplace. The fact that you can get 3 of them for that price plus extra accessories is excellent beyond words! Sure they don't have ball jointed elbows, but if that's the biggest complaint I can find with them, then everything's Kool and the Gang, baby.


Anonymous said...

Are you familiar with the Armored Core videogames? These bots look exactly like mechs from said series, specifically the third generation (the torso and legs in particular are a dead giveaway).

Monsterforge said...

Oh, wow! I hadn't noticed that before, but after looking it up, they DO look like those characters! Good eye, Yusef!!!

Unknown said...

How can I buy them?