Thursday, June 21, 2012

Grimthraxx update!

Grimthraxx! The slave warrior who became a legend in and out of the arena! Once condemned to a fate of eternal combat, Grimthraxx defied his masters and led one of the greatest revolts in Glyan history. Grimthraxx grew to be a mighty general commanding the freed warriors of the Galactic Arena in their struggle to find and tame a world of their own.

Each "Doughty-approved" Grimthraxx set includes one head and one arm that you can use to create your own Grimthraxx figure.

These are resin pieces cast by Steven Patt (AKA oOMoSOo of Papagrim Toys). He did a beautiful job with these, and I am so glad we finally got to work on a project together. If these go over well, I'm more than sure there will be more fun (decidedly more monstrous) stuff from us goons in the future!

Each set will come poly-bagged with a header. Each set will be randomly distributed, so there's no telling which color you'll wind up with. These pieces are unpainted blanks, but they are easily painted and fit most Glyos figures readily! I think they all look pretty nifty unpainted, but any of them could go on to be parts of wonderful individual custom pieces by you fantastic toy artists!!!

Each set will be $15.00 plus $3 S&H. These were made in an extremely limited number-- only 13 are being made available at this time, so grab 'em while you can. There is a STRICT limit of one set per person.

These sets will be available for sale in my store on Monday night (June 25th) at 8PM EST.

Thanks so much for your excitement and interest! You guys rule!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012