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Friday, May 9, 2014

Return of The Ancients!!!!!

In the deepest parts of the Earth they wait...

The Ancients arrived ages ago from a dimension beyond our comprehension. They wait now-- hidden from all, plotting and planning, resting for the hour of their return.

Will you be ready for the return of The Ancients??????

In the store now:

Thursday, December 1, 2011

I D.K. My BFF Jill

Here's another little "3-D sketch" figure I made. His name is D.K. and he's kinda creepy but still sorta cute. I drew a sketch of the little nugget a few days ago, and it has been an itch in the back of my brain ever since. Sometimes you just have to make something or go nuts.

He's made of polymer clay, and his noggin is painted with glow in the dark paint for extra creepiness. He stands 2.25 inches tall.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Caged MOH-TOOS!!!

Stinkor has something to say:

That's all 8 MOH-TOOS boxed up... I've shuffled the boxes about 6 times so far, and totally forgot what was in each box (I kinda didn't keep track when I was putting them in-- just making sure they were packed securely), and I'll probably shuffle them a few more times (want to make sure these are as random as possible) then slap mailing labels on them.

They'll ship out tomorrow morning-- thanks so much, guys!!!

Monday, October 31, 2011

What's my MOH-TOOvation?

Well... I know I've been away from this blog for a while, so I figured I'd pop back up with a neat announcement.

These little guys are called MOH-TOOS, and they stand about 2 inches tall and 1.5 inches wide on average-- the one styled after Whiplash is a bit taller and wider than the rest. They are hand-sculpted and hand-painted one of a kind pieces-- these are NOT resin castings. Just like the Kawaiiju when you own one of these you own the ONLY one. You'll be getting an original piece. Additionally, just like the Kawaiiju these are unrefined sculpts that show the hand of the artist. They'll be packaged blind, but I figure if you guys are as crazy as I am about the Masters of the Universe you won't mind getting any of them... I tried to pick the most recognizable fan favorite characters starting from the first waves and moving forward.

A couple of years ago when I did the first wave of Kawaiiju figures I was talking with Phil Reed (mastermind behind, and he suggested that I make a run of Masters of the Universe themed Kawaiiju.

All this time later, and TA-DA! Here they are!

Stay tuned here-- more details are coming very soon about release time, packaging, price, shoe size, etc. :wink:

Monday, July 12, 2010

The Six Sinister Foes of Brawlor!

As promised, here is the gallery of foes that you guys created for the Brawlin' With Brawlor Contest. 6 entries... 6 horrific threats to the mighty four-armed grappler. I'll pick a winner later on this evening, but I wanted to give everyone a treat by posting the entries here. This has been a very rewarding contest for me; I love seeing original creations from great artists. It is going to be so hard to pick a winner, because each entry has its own special charm. Some are creepy... some are funny... some are just downright scary! I can say with 100% honesty that I would buy each and every one of these guys if Mattel were to make them! Thank you so much for entering and giving it your best!

Tune back in tonight for the winner!

Now... enjoy the entries!

Note: some entries have been edited for size and clarity. Some pieces are works in progress, but I accepted them on the strength of the concept. All images can be seen in their full glory by clicking the thumbnails and enlarging them.

Bytor the Mighty Mangler of Men
by Spencer Morrison

In the darkest places of the land he waits. He waits for that
rare moment in your life when you are unwise and decide to
travel his black territory. After you've exhausted yourself from
pushing past knots of wild plants and traversing the slippery
mounds of mud you finally see the edge of this cursed land
and that's when . . . . . HE BITES!!!

BYTOR, the mighty mangler of men was a gladiator by choice
on the Dark Side of Eternia. During a battle with BRAWLOR
he bit off the enslaved gladiator's lower face, but lost his
arms when BRAWLOR removed them with a crystal axe.
Using dark magic BRAWLOR was able to attach BYTOR's
arms to his own body and since then there has not been
a hold that BRAWLOR could not free himself from. BYTOR
teamed up with SKELETOR's forces to have his body fitted
for the return of his arms and since then has been planning
revenge...revenge with a BITE!

Ches-Tor - Evil Master of Unarmed Combat
by Tom Freak

Although he was a normal human in Eternia Ed-Gar Torsus
was born without arms. All the other kids taunted him for
being different and Ed-Gar soon turned bitter. He started
training his body (what he had, anyway) and after nearly
killing one of his classmates he was spotted by one of the
Talent Seekers (evil little robots commissioned to
Tri-Klops) of the Gladiatorium. There Ed-Gar soon realized
that he just wasn't powerful enough to fight with the
greatest and decided to trade his loyalty in exchange for
a cursed living armor. With the aid of his armor (it has a
name but only Ed-Gar knows it) he climbed to the top among
the deadliest fighters in Eternia, when he reached his goal,
he changed his name to Ches-Tor. He then met Brawlor, a
being that had too many arms for his taste, fighting was
too easy for him so, in his mind, he was a fighter without
honor. When He-Man destroyed the Gladiatorium, and Brawlor
joined forces with the Heroic Masters, Ches-Tor found his
way to Snake Mountain and joined the evil ranks of Skeletor,
he doesn't always agree with his new master but he vowed to
beat Brawlor and that's everything that matters to him.

Hip-Nor and Octor
By Jason Milsteed and Brian Lowe

Hip-Nor the maniacal manipulator of minds

Hip-Nor is a Trollan the same race as Orko. His main
ability is to hypnotize subjects and bend them to his
will. He did this for a long time in the Gladiatorum,
running it's day to day functions and keeping the
slaves ready to do constant battle with one another.
This was all purely for his and Skeletor's benefit,
Skeletor in particular had come to appreciate the extra
income to keep his armies well supplied. Long ago
Skeletor had found Hip-Nor on the streets of the dark
side of Eternia running small street scams and hustles
usually involving some sort of street fight. Skeletor
saw the opportunity to bring in unrivaled income from
the small time hustler by building him a giant colosseum
which amplified his natural hypnotizing abilities.
Hip-Nor with his new found power quickly established a
fighting/gambling world unrivaled on all of Eternia. He
would use his only truly loyal slave (Octor) to help
keep the slaves in line. Any sign of resistance would
instantly entail a sound lashing from the beast before
Hip-Nor turned his gaze upon his helpless slaves. While
in power over the gladiatorum he lived a life of leisure
and comfort with many gaudy proclamations of his riches
about. With the gladiatorum destruction by He-Man,
Hip-Nor lost his ability to hold so many creatures to
his will or effect the moods of the audiences that had
surged to his brutal games. Skeletor angry and disgusted
with the loathsome self serving creature refused him any
help until he struck a major victory in the friendship
of He-Man and Brawlor.

Octor the eight tentacles of doom

Octor was a loyal soldier in one of Eternia's many
under sea kingdoms. Trained from birth on to be loyal
to only one commanding officer he enjoyed life among a
small group of his people all serving in a centuries old
war. It was during one of the many conflicts that Octor
was separated from his people and his homeland by a
terrible tropical storm. Washing ashore on the dark side
of Eternia he began to wander the area, lost and in a
daze. With no direction or real concept of the strange
culture around him he eventually found himself fighting
in an illegal tournament as a means for survival and some
purpose. During this time he ran into Hip-nor with his
hypnotized slaves who were fighting in the tournament.
Hip-nor meanwhile swindling bets his way saw a huge money
making scheme in the powerful Octor. Octor smashed through
the contestants ranks in quick order grabbing them with
his powerful tentacles and pulling them into his suction
cups where he held them prisoner as he beat them without
mercy. Hip-nor while watching realized Octor's needs for
a leader and direction and started putting suggestions
into his brain to take that place. As a team they started
making lots of money, none of which Octor felt a need for,
he was Hip-nor's perfect ally. The money making scheme
being so successful drew the attention of Skeletor and his
devious schemes. He quickly put the Gladiatorum into place
which boosted Hip-Nors natural abilities. Octor was put
into service as the main enforcer. He kept peace at the
Arena, made sure the other slaves stayed in line and helped
gather new participants. He had a clear mission with a
purpose and clear order. As He-Man and the escaped slave
Brawlor brought everything smashing around his head he
desired a new mission. A mission Skeletor and his beloved
Hip-Nor barely needed to seethe out of their mouths, the
destruction of He-Man and Brawlor.

MUTANOST: Traveler from the Otherverse
By Kevin Dufrene

Mutanost is a Traveler from another dimension known as the
Glyoverse to his people. In that place, he was known as
Phanost and was a great and mighty warrior. Upon escaping
the tyrannical rule of his former home, Metran, he crossed
over to Eternia’s dimension seeking power and a new life
with his personal bodyguard, Vixxorag, who is also known
as Brawlor now on Eternia. While Phanost was battling the
interdimensional being known only as the “Star Child,”
Brawlor set to work sabotaging Phanost’s ship. After
absorbing the Star Child and his powers, the new Phanost,
now calling himself Mutanost, after absorbing his foe,
faced a usurping and mutinous bodyguard. Battle ensued and
they crashed on the planet of Eternia with Brawlor escaping.
Having found his ship’s dimensional drive and engine
irreparably sabotaged and himself doomed to this planet, he
has vowed to seek out and destroy his old comrade, Brawlor.

Shlongdor: Evil Eternian Bachelor
by Ralph Niese

Shlongdor is an evil Bachelor commanding a league of
firewater drinking madmen but one helping hand he still
seeks to put a hand on something...something that has to
be dealt with a reckless abandonment like only Shlongdor
himself would do it. But having an eye on Brawlor he wants
this abandonment felt on his..something... FOUR TIMES!
Also with a striking similarity in looking like He-Man he might
achieve what he wants...

Thrax the Foul Scented
by Steven Patt

A gladiator on the dark side of Eternia, he was a ruthless
killer and fought for his glory. In a battle with Brawlor he
was slain with a piece of his own horn. Thrax was stripped of
his glory, laying dead beneath the crowd's cheers at his
mortality. Thrax's soul did not leave his corpse's side
awaiting a manner in which to return. Evilyn sent by Skeletor
to bring him the great warrior cast his soul back into his
rotting flesh.

Thrax is back-- dead, rotting, and bloodthirsty, with a vow to
regain his glory and slaughter the man who slew him.

And there you have it! Check back in later tonight when I announce the winner!

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Here we go! It's time! The Kawaiiju are GO!

And to commemorate the occasion, here's a little comic strip I created for everyone starring those rascally Toy Break guys George, Ayleen, and Ben... Enjoy!

Now, to purchase your Kawaiiju figures, send an email with the total amount of figures you want, your name, and your address. I'll go through the emails on a first come / first served basis and send paypal invoices back to you with the total price. Send your order email to:

Once again, for clarity's sake: The Kawaiiju figures are between 1.5 and 2 inches tall and are individually hand sculpted from polymer clay and painted with acrylic paint. Each figure is a totally unique, one-of-a-kind art piece. Each figure will come blind bagged with a hand-made package and a hand drawn art card. A randomly inserted "Golden Ticket" will allow one lucky customer to win the ultimate Kawaiiju figure, "Big Daddy." There are 30 figures in all. Each figure will cost $25 (plus a flat $5 shipping fee in the US and $10 elsewhere).


Now... to get a chance to win your free God Pharaoh, simply post in the Kawaiiju Thread on the October Toys Forum what super attack move you think God Pharaoh should have. It can be a cool move or a silly one-- the crazier the better! At midnight (EDT) tonight I'll throw all the names of the posters in a hat and draw one winner.

Anyone can enter... you just need to sign up as a member at the October Toys Forum-- it's THE best fan forum in the universe, and I think everyone should join and enjoy all the great times we have there.

Thanks everyone for all the support and love for the figures! You guys are THE best!