Friday, November 12, 2010

The Art of Billy Parker

I've mentioned my friend Billy Parker on this blog before. Recently I posted about his house burning down and the awesome folks from the October Toys Forum who were so awesome to him. I decided that it would be cool to share some of his work here for everyone to see. Billy is honestly one of the most talented people I know. Almost everything he knows how to do he has taught himself, so he gets extra credit for that.

Anyway... enough of my rambling... I need to let Billy's work speak for itself. The first few sets of images are from fairly recent projects. The rest are from all over the place!

It is my pleasure to present to you:

A custom painted bike with an Afro Samurai theme:

Another bike, this time with a gargoyles versus zombies theme:

Another bike job done with characters from the film The King of New York

An 8 by 4 foot mural featuring the Monkey King

A custom painted guitar featuring Jimi Hendrix

Various projects over the years:



Custom Figures:

Well, that's only a small taste of the amazing stuff that Billy has done. He's one of my favorite artists and most definitely one of my favorite people in the world. I hope you enjoy his work as much as I enjoy sharing it!