Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Thursday, April 22, 2010


As I was driving over to my sister's house today I passed by a small airport. In front of one of the hangars was a collection of twisted, ripped metal fuselages of old, wrecked aircraft. I can't really figure out why an airport would put that out front. I mean... is that really a good advertisement for a business that is based on the concept of safely taking paying passengers up into the sky and delivering them whole and unharmed to their destinations?


Exellis had a baaaaad day...

Just a little custom I made this week. I wanted to see what a severely battle-damaged Glyos figure looked like.

I kinda expect him to say, "I'll be back." at any moment!

At work...

Monday, April 19, 2010

Callgrim configuration

Someone recently asked me to post the alternate configuration that I use on my Callgrim and Order figures. Here she be:

I think it gives him a little bit more dynamic stance, and it makes him a snag taller than the regular figures. A word of warning: The pegs on the Phase Arm parts are a tad thicker than the peg holes on the newer Callgrim figures, so they tend to stretch the holes out a bit and make the original connections loose. If you plan to arrange him in this configuration just know that going in. I keep mine this way, so it's not a problem. Enjoy!

In the bag

Friday, April 16, 2010

Bags, bags, bags, a Custom Crusty Glyos Head, and a Lizard Man sighting

I have been busy, busy, busy. Here are some pics of the Kawaiiju guys in their little baggies. I have NO idea which figure is where, so you can be assured that I have no idea who gets what figure. I also took some pics of one of the guys next to some other toys for reference.

I've been sketching some ideas for a possible second wave as well. It's all according to how the first wave goes.

I got this cooltastic custom Scarred Govurom head from my buddy Vaporware this week. How cool is this??? Vape does some excellent work!!!

Finally, here are a couple of pics of my latest drawing. It's my take on the Lizard Man, a cryptid from my state that I have always thought was cool as Christmas. I'll get a better scan of it once my computer is back.

That's all for now. As soon as I'm back in computer action I'll let everyone know about the Kawaiiju release! Thanks for all the enthusiasm, guys!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Kawaiiju Komplete!!!

So... after busting my butt big-time I finally finished making all of my first ever line of Kawaiiju figures! ALL 30 OF THEM! Lemme tell ya... making 30 little monsters takes a lot out of ya. Nah, I'm kidding, it was a blast! Here they are in all their weirdness:

Each Kawaiiju figure is hand-sculpted polymer clay (no molds here, folks!) and individually hand painted. The figures stand about 2 inches tall each (it varies a bit). Each figure will be packaged in a baggie with an individually hand-made header card and will feature an art card specific to the character:

They'll be released blind-bagged in little paper outer-baggies, so I'll have NO idea who will get what... but part of the fun of the blind bagging will be the "Golden" Ticket! If your baggie has the magical Kawaiiju Golden Ticket you can send it back to me for Big Daddy, the biggest Kawaiiju of them all! Here he is in all his bigness:

I'm not sure exactly when I'll be releasing these guys, because I want to wait until I get my computer back to launch them so I can keep up with stuff. For those of you who kept encouraging me to make these guys: THANKS! You have no idea how much fun it has been making something like this. Keep your eyes peeled for announcements about the release!