Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Multiskulls Are Moving Out!

Hey, all!

I started shipping packages today, and I sent out a bunch of shipping notices. If you didn't get one yet don't fret: I'm shipping these out in waves, and you'll get your notices by Thursday evening.

Once again, thank you all for supporting this release in every possible way! You guys are awesome!!!

Monday, February 6, 2012


You guys are astounding! Thank you so much for snapping these puppies up so fast!

You managed to make BigCartel scream again tonight! They really need to fix how their site works. For the longest time it was telling everyone these were sold out, and there was one left in stock. Ugh.

I'll go now and combine orders and such.

Thanks once again for supporting this release! You guys rock!

Multikustoms GO!!!!!

Here we go:

Kountdown to Kustoms!

In just a short few hours I'll release the Multiskull Multikustoms, a line of 25 custom, hand-painted Multiskull figures. 9PM EST tonight these puppies will be on the store ready to buy.

Here they are in all their blind-packaged packageness:

Hopefully this release will go more smoothly than the last. The only thing I can think of that would cause a problem is if someone tried to get more than one. Rest assured that if anyone puts more than one of these in their cart the entire sale will be denied, and I'll manually put the figures back in the stock-- so a message that there are no pieces left in stock might not actually reflect the situation, as we found out Friday night.

I will come back here and post when I make sure the stock actually hits zero.

I'm trying to keep things as fair as possible, and it looks like a LOT of people are going to be shooting for these customs.

For any people who already bought some of the "Pretty in Pink" Multiskulls Friday night: the Multikustom orders will be combined with your earlier purchase, and the difference in shipping will be refunded to you after everything is said and done.

Rest assured that I will be doing another series of different customs in the future, so if you miss out tonight you'll have another shot then.

So... see you in a few hours, and good luck to you all!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Goodbye, Pink Guy.

Thank you guys so much for the successful (mostly) release of the "Pretty in Pink" Multiskulls!

When I say "mostly" I'm referring, of course, to the extremely unfortunate glitch in the shipping charge gadget on my store. I'm sure by now that you noticed that you were charged full shipping for each Multiskull you purchased. I have gone through each order and refunded the extra shipping fees that were added (and I have refunded more than I should have in more than one case! EEK!), so check your Paypal accounts to see if you got a refund. I tried to fix the glitch early in the auction, but the fix didn't take effect until the sale was almost over. Chances are if you ordered more than one figure you just got some moolah back. If not, please let me know, and I'll check your order and fix things.

Thanks so much for the intense reaction to these crazy little figures! I wish I had a truckload of them to share, but the truth of the matter is that there were a slim few of them to begin with. Maybe we'll see more crazy stuff down the road... who knows? Keep checking the Series 2 thread on the forum! There's some amazing stuff posted there every day!

Anyway, I need to get back to checking these orders for errors. Thanks again for the amazing release! See you again on Monday night for the Multikustoms release (fingers crossed that that one goes more smoothly!)

Thursday, February 2, 2012


Monday night at 9PM EST I'll release...


This is a special, ultra-limited custom MULTISKULL figure series by Monsterforge. Only 25 figures have been created for this set.

Each figure is hand painted and sealed with polyurethane protective finish. No two figures are alike! Each figure comes signed and numbered with a signed and numbered micro-print.

These figures are blind-bagged-- so you won't know which one you're getting until you get it! Surprise!

So join me back here on Monday night for this kooky release!

BIG PIP Multiskull Update!!!

OK, folks... some changes have been made, but it still has that same great taste!

I was having problems with the Paypal checkout system (I was pretty much up all night trying to work the kinks out), and I decided to just drop it altogether. I set up a BigCartel storefront instead, which is MUCH easier for you guys to use.

You can go to the store and look around by clicking the image below:

Stuff isn't up for sale yet, but you can get an idea of what things are going to cost and such-- there may even be a surprise or two as things roll along... you never know! The store will officially open tomorrow night at 9PM EST!

Thanks, guys! See you tomorrow night!!!

Fighter Pods and Green Friends

So the Hulk has been on my butt about getting some of those new Star Wars Fighter Pods things that just popped up at Walmart. He's just crazy about his mini figures! We made a deal: I'd get a pack if I can keep Boba Fett. He wanted Yoda (because he's green... duh). What were our chances of getting what we wanted? Read on to find out!

Someone looks happy.

So these things come blind-bagged for 3 bucks a bag. Each bag includes two mini figures and a "Fighter Pod." One of the two mini figures is exclusive to the blind bag series and the other is of the kind available in other sets.

Evidently there's some stupid games you can play with the pods. Bleh.

So... how blind are these bags? Not very. In every bag there's a small hole punched in the bottom right that lets you see a little bit of details about the figures you have in each bag. The figures aren't packed inside the ball, so you can move them around inside the bag.

Holey, holey, holey.

But beyond all that is the fact that the white parts of the bag are almost totally see-through. If you can work the figures down below the stupid ball thing you can press them against the white plastic and see them clearly. That's how I managed to find exactly what I wanted.

So... how accurate was my method?


These suckers are adorable. I am totally serious about just how cute these things are. The look on Yoda's face is priceless.

"Raaaaargh! Hulk love green elf!"

When I first saw these I wanted to dismiss the "Fighter Pod" as a piece of useless plastic.

I mean... you can store your figures in them, sure... but they kinda roll all over the place...

And you can spin them, I guess... wait... they don't do that very well either.

But the coolest thing about them is that one half of the ball has a peg that perfectly fits the hole in the bottom of the figure's body. I mean.... they don't really need a stand, but they look kinda spiffy on there. Sadly, it's only on one half... the other peg is too small for the hole in the figures.

They're roughly the same size as the Squinkies, but they aren't as squishy and are sculpted much more dynamically. I really dig the aesthetics of this line over the Squinkies. Squinkies are more cute, and these guys have a bit of edginess to the designs.

So... what does Hulk think of them? I'd ask him, but he's kinda busy right now:

These are tiny (less than one inch tall) figurines... and you only get two to a pack. They're not the best value, to be honest. There are non-blind packs available with 4 figures together with 4 Fighter Pods for 6 bucks, and then there is a set with 8 (I believe) figures, several Fighter Pods, and a couple of cutesy Star Wars vehicles like the Millennium Falcon or Darth Maul's ship done up in this style for like 12 bucks. Either way they run over a dollar a piece per figure... not terrible, but then not fantastic either. I got the one figure I really wanted, so unless I see another one that I can't live without I think I'm good for now.

Well... there were a few Stormtroopers I liked...