Thursday, July 1, 2010

Mailbox Mayhem

So yesterday was a pretty good mail day... I got two packages; one teensy tiny and the other was HUGE! I love packages!

The huge one was huge mainly because it was so well-packed. ***ATTENTION EBAY SELLERS*** : packing your items properly means putting them in a box that is appropriate for the size of the item and a goodly amount of packing material. Shoving it into a tiny box with nothing to cushion it from being beat to hell and back is NOT appropriate. Thank you.

These fantastic critters were nestled in a bed of protective tissue paper and crumpled newspaper. They arrived in beautiful condition and are in much better shape than any other Power Rangers monsters I have ever bought online. I already had the fish guy (Pirantishead), but this one is in so much better condition... he takes his place in my collection.

Look at this guy! His name is Bones, and he's a doctor not a shuttle pilot, Jim. He's the tallest of all of the Power Rangers aliens mainly because of that rad hat up there.

He's supposed to have a sword and he even has a little hook to hang it on... I guess I need to find him a sword now.

Check out that snazzy cape! Real men wear pink.

You gotta love a dude with a grill like that. I'm so glad to have this sucker in my collection.

This is Squatt. He sucks.

He's short, fat, blue, and ugly. I have nothing good to say about him. He was just in the lot I bought. Ugh.

Now this dude is the whole reason I bought this lot. This is Rhino Blaster. He is a bad dude.

Peep that shnoz, people! He's packing nasal heat!

He's a gorgeous figure only made more handsome by the fact that he's in such great shape. There's barely a scratch on him!

He looks so good with the other kaiju, especially with his arms outstretched like this! I was lucky to snag this lot... even luckier considering I got it for less than a buck!

I have almost all of the big vinyl Power Rangers baddies that I want now... I think the only one I have to look for is King Sphinx. The rest of them just don't do anything for me.

In the small box was something i was looking forward to even more. I got this little dude:

It's a Scar Pheyden mini from Real X Head and Onell Design. I had wanted one of these guys since I first heard about them on Matt Doughty's blog.

He stands about 3.5 inches tall, and I want you to know that that's a full 3.5 inches of pure, unadulterated awesome. Mori Katsura, the guy behind RxH, does an outstanding job interpreting Matt's characters in his own style.

Even though this little guy is squatty and cute, he has a ton of details that beg you to explore the figure with your eyes. The paint job by Goto-san is, as always, excellent. The figure is molded in this glittery, shimmering vinyl that sparkles when the light hits it. It's a neat effect that adds to the total package!

There's just something awesome about a spaceman with a scarf... it just works, darn it!

Everything about these little figures is just right. They're chunky and cute, but they have a presence that makes them a pleasure to look at and a lot of fun to goof around with.

That... and they make great monitor buddies!!!

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