Saturday, December 3, 2011

Awesome Anomalies!!!

I had a busy day in town today, but when I got home I found that I had a package waiting! I love packages!

NiStuff's Anomalies came in! Wooooooo!!!!

In case anyone hasn't seen these yet, here's a little run-down: Ni, a member of the October Toys Forum, has been making really cool Glyos custom figures for a good little while now, but only recently did he start making totally new figures that are all his own. He eventually sent them to a factory in China and had them made as production figures! There's something just ultra-cool about doing that!

These little dudes are called the Anomalies, and they are 2-3 inch solid PVC figurines that you can get in packs of six representing different races of aliens in his own universe. Each set comes with the Laion, the Ancient Astronaut, the Adaman, the Slir, the SEG and the Strugg. I'm still learning who is who, but I'll tell you this much: they're ALL awesome! If you want a set, check out Ni's store here. At only 15 bucks a set, you can't go wrong! Fantastic figures and a great deal! While you're there check out his more limited custom figures as well!

They're tied in in some way to the Glyos System universe, but I'm not 100% sure how exactly... I'm just getting into the story. They look really cool along with the Glyos figures!

One keen extra cool bit about this six pack is that it comes with a Glyos compatible head of a character called the Subject. How creepy is that? The head is a perfect match colorwise to the gray that has been used for Glyos figures in the past.

The alien races are as follows:

The Laion

The Strugg

The Slir


The Adaman

The Ancient Astronaut

The detail is amazing... even the bottoms of the feet are sculpted. I can't rave about them enough!

As you can see the figures are statically posed figurines much like MUSCLE figures. They're a bit bigger, but would look really cool with almost any mini figures.

I can't wait to get some free time to paint these suckers up!

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