Friday, January 27, 2012

A Pretty Little Announcement!

OK, guys-- I promised I would post an announcement about the upcoming release of my exclusive artist's colorway of Multiskull and here 'tis:

click to enlarge

Next Friday (February 3rd) at 9PM EST I will launch the artist's colorway of the Multiskull figure... or as I like to call it, "Pretty in Pink" Multiskull! You will be able to purchase the figures here on this blog for $3 each, and shipping in the US will be $3 (still working on how much it will cost to ship internationally, but it shouldn't be much more because the figures are pretty light-- both domestic and international packages will ship via First Class Mail -- the price is a flat fee... so it's the same if you order 1 or 3 pieces). There is a strict limit of 3 figures per customer because of the extremely limited numbers. Each figure comes individually bagged with a goofy, cheapo header card-- this was mainly just for fun... I just love packaging stuff!-- so don't feel obligated to keep them packaged unless that's your thing!

And just to be clear: They're yours when you buy 'em-- trade 'em, sell 'em, fire 'em out of a cannon, set 'em on fire, customize 'em, eat 'em (not really), or whatever! The main thing is to have fun with 'em!!!

And like I said before... after the launch... keep those eyes peeled for something.... special.... Muah ha ha ha ha!!!

NOTE: In the next few days I'll be testing the cart feature out for buying the figures; PLEASE don't click on the button until the launch next week... I'll have to cancel any orders placed before the launch anyway. Thanks!!!

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