Thursday, April 26, 2012

Countdown to Customs!

Remember! Tomorrow night at 8PM EST I'll be selling these little goons from my new storefront on Storenvy:

Just like last time they'll be $10 each and the shipping will be $5. These are extremely limited, and there's a strict limit of one per customer!

This is my first time using Storenvy, but if it works out well I'll be using that as my permanent storefront!

See you tomorrow night!!!! :D

EDIT: Just received some useful information from a member of the October Toys Forum:

For folks who haven't bought through Storenvy before, checkout will be faster if you go create an account ahead of time. This can be helpful when competing against a large number of people for a small number of items...

So make sure you set up an account beforehand! Thanks, everyone!!!

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