Tuesday, September 25, 2007


So, hiya!

I guess this is the next step in putting my junk online. Ok... that sounded weird. No one wants to see my junk... I guess. The internet is a weird place.

At any rate, this lil bloggie will hopefully serve as a kind of fridge on which to stick my drawings and pictures. Hope I have lots of magnets!

So... getting right to it... here are some pics of one of my latest figures:

This is a He-Man figure I made from one of those big n beefy WWF (oops... WWE) figures. I wanted maximum poseability and maximum beef. Cuz... He-Man's beefy. And stuff. Shutup.

I sculpted the head from Sculpey and made the wristbands and belt from craft foam coated in sealer. The boots and pants are made from the pleather of Van Helsing's trenchcoat (I finally found a use for that hunk of crap). The furry boot tops are made from rope. I reused the harness, shield and axe from the 200X He-Man figure. I wanted the grim n gritty oldschool Mineternia version of the character, so no powersword.

ah well... until next time,

See ya!

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