Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Lil' Snake

Mailed some packages today and ran across these guys at Family Dollar. They had a whole line of single-packed G.I.Joe Combat Heroes for 3 bucks each. I missed the only figure I wanted when the line was in regular stores because I'm not the biggest fan of Snake with a grey deco. They're repaints of the first series, and they are re-themed around the new movie that just came out. They have Scarlett, Snake Eyes, Hawk, Duke, the Baroness, Storm Shadow and Destro, along with a Neo Viper (who is not a re-issue from the first series). I didn't see any others there besides those, so there may be more.

I only wanted Snake Eyes and picked him up because his deco is predominantly black( his ammo belt across his chest, his sword, and his Uzi are dark blue, but I'm gonna paint mine black). He's a sweet little 1.5 inch-tall figure that looks a lot like the Hasbro Marvel Superhero Squad figures. Most of those figures are extremely limited in articulation, but Snake here has 4 points in pretty useful places (waist, shoulders, and right wrist). Not too shabby for 3 bucks, and I really don't care to buy these guys in two-packs because they never have them packed in sets that make any sense!

Pretty cool lil' dudes! If you want any of them, keep your eyes peeled for Family Dollar stores!

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