Tuesday, September 8, 2009

DragonCon 2009!

I went to Atlanta's DragonCon this last weekend for the designer toys social and DunnyFest. Here are the pics I snagged. Taking pics was a hassle, because I was dragging around a heavy bag with stuff I wanted to get signed. I'm a dunderhead:


I'm Old Greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeegg!!!! (he had a light-up mangina, btw)

Sorry for the blur on some of these, the lighting was not the best in the hotels. This guy was around 7 feet tall in his costume. The eyes glowed red sometimes. Crazy!

Behold the power of Slave Leia butt.

It's a SpeedTrooper! See how fast he's moving? He's practically blurry!!!

Dawn. They have a Dawn competition each year where a lotta ladies dress in skimpy clothes and paint tears on one side of their faces.

Gandalf's beard is weak compared to George's. To be fair, I haven't seen George in a dress before, so we don't know who wins that contest!

He's the Hero of Canton, I tells ya!!!

A Furry! Oh noes!

Master Beef!

Cougar Fairy!!!! Hubba hubba!

This dude's costume was the poop! It was all made out of mailing boxes, but it was lit up with battery charged lights, it had a tape player playing sound effects, and it even randomly fired party poppers when he posed. I love this man.

Faye Valentine from Cowboy Bebop. She had a tat on her arm of the poster for Labyrinth. I think I love her.

To the right we have the cutest Coraline at the convention. When my niece asked her if she could take her picture, she posed way better than any Hollywood starlett I have ever seen. To the left we see my friend Krakit's sleeve. Admittedly, his shirt was fierce and needed to have some madd props slung its way.

Hyper Alien Bob Marley All-Out Attack Battel!!!

This Snake Eyes was pretty cool... he was carrying all kinds of real armor plating and weaponry. And he could walk with those blinders on without falling down face-first-- even when I tried to trip him up with a trashcan multiple times!

Hyper Alien Bob Marley All-Out Attack Battel Part 2: The Final Revenge of That Guy With The Stuff!!!

A Night Sister of Dathomir. It's a Star Wars geek thing. I think I'm in love again, though!!!

These next few pics were taken by different folks. These are my buddies from the October Toys Forum:

From the upper left around clockwise: My niece Lauren, me, MadMex, Ayleen Gaspar, Eatmoretoys, George Gaspar, and Krakit

The crew hammin' it up!

Using the Toy Break Hammer to break some toys! Oops!

Krakit sees all!!!

Just a lil' pic of the crowd at DunnyFest!

Fun times! I walked away tired but satisfied getting to meet some of the best folks on the planet. DragonCon is always a great time!

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