Monday, January 11, 2010

The Creepy Ronnie

I'm an addict. I thought I should just come out and say it. I'm addicted to The Jersey Shore. I know... I know... it's one of the worst substances to be addicted to, but I just can't help it. Oven-baked Italians behaving badly just have some kind of hold over me. All the characters on that show are like living, breathing cartoon characatures of stereotypes. It's like watching a particularly bloody train wreck. I cannot look away when it's on, no matter how bad it gets.

One of the things that drew me to the show was a clip I saw way back of housemate Ronald "Ronnie" Ortiz-Magro. His dance, which can only be described as "immaculate," has since been dubbed the "Creepy Ronnie." It is creepy. It is all Ronnie.

Ladies and germs, I present to you... The Creepy Ronnie:

Now go forth and spread the good news.

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