Sunday, January 31, 2010

Little Blue Bot

I've been looking back over the older posts in the Glyos blog and noticed something I had forgotten about: This crazy Exellis in Standard Pheyden's color scheme.

According to collector extraordinaire John Kent, this dude is super-rare, so, seeing as I'd probably never see a real one, I decided to make my own.

I like the Hybrid Sarvos chest design a lot, and I happened to have an extra one. Sooooo... now I have a fake Blue Exellis (not sure what his name should be... the standard Exellis scheme is totally different than Pheyden's, so that name doesn't apply) I painted an extra Eidrellim Exellis head I got in a Junk Pile set to match the standard scheme. I worked my butt off to match the exact color, but matching the standard blue is a tough nut to crack. In these pics the difference shows up like crazy, but in person it looks dead-on. I'm satisfied, so I guess it's ok.

Extra bonus: because he's based on the Sarvos chest, he can sport a spiffy little backpack! Weeee!


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