Friday, February 19, 2010


When is a jerk not a jerk? When he's an artist, evidently. Then people excuse you for being a complete monster of a person. I have never understood that mentality. When I do something bad I don't want to be excused because I'm an artist-- I did something bad because I was being a real jerk. Cable TV is warping my mind... all these reality shows just make me like people less and less. Positive energy, my butt.

Here's a drawing I did last night:

I don't like people who hide behind being an artist when they behave like children. I like honest, decent people who happen to make things with their hands. Being rude and nasty to people isn't the same thing as being honest. You can be honest and not rip people to shreds. I find it a whole lot more rewarding to help someone else with their problems than it is to beat them when they're down.

I don't know-- maybe I'm outdated or something. I don't really fit in with artists and the art scene. I guess I never really did. College wasn't a very fun place because I was a square peg.

But then... it's all on me. I can't hide behind anything. My problems in college were my own fault. My problems now are my fault as well.

It's sometimes a hard pill to swallow.

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