Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bot Progress

As mentioned earlier in my blog, I've been working for quite a while on my friend Pete's G.I.JOE Armor-Bot that he wanted customized into a Glyos jungle infiltrator vehicle. Being sick for over a month didn't help this thing get done any faster, but now that I'm back on my feet again I've made great strides in getting it done. There is still some work to be done, but the paint applications on the vehicle are mostly done. Below are some work-in-progress pictures of the vehicle.

This how it looked before I mangled it up:

Here it is all full of manglings and wotnots. I cut the solid leg unit in two so that the legs can move individually. I added bullet holes and laser burns to the body and three cannon batteries to the arm. I base coated it with black to give it some weight visually. You can see here the starting of the green paint apps:

Here it is as it stands now. I added the brown apps and added some weathering. There are still several details left to be added, but it's a far cry from the pristine, white robot that arrived at my doorstep a few months ago!

Now that I'm feeling better I hope this guy gets wrapped up very soon. I've had this guy on my work desk a long time, and Pete's an exceptionally patient guy (as are most of the people who have ever asked me to make stuff for them-- I'm slooooooow).

Keep watching the blog for more updates!

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