Saturday, March 6, 2010


Everyone knows who Ultraman is! If you don't then I feel sorry for you, because he rules. This is Ultraman:

Dunny is a toy made by Kidrobot that is the perfect base for making cool customs. This is a Dunny:

This is what you get when you combine the two:


I was inspired looking at the awesome customs of PSYCHO515 HOLOCHAU5T over at Toxic Figures Kingdom. Mine is no where near as cool as his, but I'm happy enough for now.

I kinda just let loose and didn't mind being sloppy when I made it-- it was kinda fun making a custom for myself!

My mom saw it and said, "It looks like that bad baby on that cartoon you watch." (Meaning Stewie Griffin from Family Guy). He really does look like Stewie in an Ultraman outfit! That's a pretty disturbing thought, actually...

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