Friday, April 29, 2011

Delta X-11

I finished this little guy up this afternoon. It's an Exellis figure from the Glyos System line of figures by Onell Design. They're great figures to collect, display, play with, or customize. Check 'em out!!!

Hope you dig!

He travels the shifting wastelands of Yvo looking for the lost stellar courier Shadow's Light. Legend has it that the craft contains the Codex of Sarvo, an ancient digitext that is said to hold secrets of the origin of Sincroid life. Delta X-11 is an older model Sincroid who developed independent thought ages ago and has sought the fabled digitext ever since. His every day is a struggle against biting sand storms, the blistering heat of the triple suns, the ravages of the desert creatures, and the constant attacks by mechscavengers, but Delta X-11 carries on hoping that one day he will hold the archaic datafile in his weathered, rusting hands.


By the way... I wanted to share this little bit as well for you guys who follow this blog: the fantastic site Tomopop (check 'em out-- they rock!) had a little feature about some of my TMNT custom repaints! Check it out here:

The TMNT customs just keep coming, this one from Monsterforge

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