Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Eye see you!

This is a Mini Eyezon from Mark Nagata's Captain Maxx Mini Kaiju series. This little dude is a 4 inch tall rotocast soft vinyl kaiju (Japanese for "mysterious beast") toy from Max Toy Co. Mark created a whole line of crazy critters to honor the toys that he played with as a kid. He named his company after his son Max, a move that I approve of greatly!

You can check out all of his stuff here: http://www.maxtoyco.com/

The first release of these mini kaiju figures were cast in this crazy pink vinyl... and when I say pink I mean "mind-melting toxic pink!" I have yet to see someone capture on film just how abnormally pink these things are!!!

The character was designed by Mr. Nagata, and the toy was sculpted by Yoshihiko Makino. The sculpt is so darn good, but the pink doesn't really allow you to see all the awesome details on this tiny guy... so I decided to paint it up!

It took me forever to get some extra time to do it and to decide how I wanted it painted. I blame the final results on my nephew Daniel and my friend Stefanie who both suggested the idea of a molten monstrosity. Thanks, you two! I guess great minds think alike!

I loved painting this little dude up! Mark Nagata's design is so much fun, and the sculpt by Yoshihiko Makino just lends itself to being painted. The vinyl was great too... I was kind of worried about paint adhesion at first because the vinyl felt kind of slick, but it took the paint without a problem at all!

If you can get your hands on one of these figures I can't recommend it enough for customizing! YAY!!!! This is going to be a custom I keep... I have fallen in love with the actual figure, and I think it would be nice to keep this lil' guy in my collection!

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