Saturday, July 18, 2009

Fuzzy Wuzzy was ... ferocious???

I wanted to show off some of the recent work that my good friend Billy Parker has been doing. This is his latest statue based on an original idea he had for a savage tribe of Ewoks who have become quite skilled at survival on the floor of the forests of Endor. Much different than the little fuzzballs we all came to know in Return of the Jedi, this tribe learned to dwell in caves and to hunt the savage beasts that prey on surface dwellers. The beast trying to attack the Ewok here is a Kao-Kao, a monstrous predator whose name literally means "kill-kill," as they devour anything they see moving on the ground.

Swooping down from a branch over 20 meters above, the Kao-Kao plummets toward the lone, furry traveler making his way through the forest. Our brave little Ewok spins and thrusts his trusty spear at the very last moment. This is how he has learned to hunt -- by becoming the prey, he lures his quarry close enough for the kill. He and his Wok-wife and Woklings will eat well tonight -- as they do every night.

The statue stands over 12 inches wide and almost 11 inches tall. It is a staggering piece to behold in person, and no picture will ever do it justice. Just in case anyone wanted to know, the piece already has an owner, but Billy is always willing to take commissions. You can email him at Look for more of his stuff in the future... I love showing off Billy's amazing work!!!

(click any image to see it closer)

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