Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Etsy betsy spider...

So I was reading Philip Reed's excellent blog, and I saw him feature an independant toy maker (kel7alpha) who lists his stuff on a site called Etsy. Etsy is an online shopping mall for handmade and vintage items. Translated: Etsy is cool as polar bear poop! Oh.. by the way, here's the stuff the guy was selling there: these little Kelien guys are a STEAL for $6.50 each. Get 'em while you can! I've included a picture in case they are sold out by the time this is posted:

So back to my point: I set up an account with Etsy, and I now have a store front for Monsterforge Studios! I don't have anything up for sale right now, but I do have a store. Swing on by and take a look from time to time... I'm working on some little things to throw on there now. I'm trying it out for the time being.

The Monsterforge Studios Online Store

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