Thursday, May 7, 2009

Pheyden's Pimpmobile

So I wanted a spaceship in which to display my Pheyden figure. Pheyden's supposed to be a space traveller, so I needed a ship for him.

I had an old Toy Biz X-Men (I assume) jet in one of my parts boxes and figured that it had that bloopy, lined look that Glyos System figures seem to be all about. I added wings from some cheap space flyer toy that I picked up at the thrift store for 10 cents. I used the seat from the flyer for the seat in the cockpit of the X-Men jet. I added some bits and pieces here and there from my junk box in the cockpit to pad the extra space out (X-Men figures were 5 inches tall and Pheyden's 2.5... there was a LOT of extra room in there).

The coolest thing about the X-Men jet is the fact that there's a handle on the back that you can pull and cause the cockpit canopy to fly open with great speed. It had an ejector seat inside, but I took that junk out to make way for the new seat and equipment. The back fins were from a Star Wars Episode One model kit that I have used parts from since I bought it about 9 years ago. That was one of the best 5 dollar investments I have ever made.

I masked off the canopy and spray primed the ship. I gave it numerous coats of black wash to build up a space-worn look to the plastic. I painted the interior and sealed it with varnish. TaDa... Pheyden has a ship.

I kinda like the final results. I started to make it all silvery and shiny but decided that Pheyden needed something ancient looking to drive around in space. This was a fun little custom job that I think a Glyos figure deserves for being so darn awesome.

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