Friday, May 1, 2009

On summoning the Dark Lord of Destruction...

So I, like everyone else, am really digging the new Masters of the Universe Classics series of figures. I don't actually... um... own… any of them... but I do think they are the bee's knees. I just can't bring myself to spend $20 (plus $8 shipping) a piece for 6 inch action figures, no matter how cool they are. But they are cool no matter what-- I'm just a cheap old coot.

I like Skeletor just fine as he is... but I kinda wanted a bit more in my Evil Lord of Destruction.

Enter the Dark Wizard Wrarrl. He's a figure that came in a two-pack of Legendary Comic Book Heroes action figures by Marvel Toys along with Conan.

I honestly don't even remember the guy from the Conan comics... I just know he stands a full inch taller than the Conan figure, and that speaks volumes to me.

I always imagined Skeletor being a LOT darker than the old cartoon portrayed him. The little mini-comics that came with the first few Masters of the Universe figures painted a pretty bleak picture of life on Eternia. Skeletor was a real threat, and I wanted to capture that threat in plastic as best as my big, goofy mitts would allow. Wrarrl did most of the work, so I can’t really take much credit.

I sculpted a head with Sculpey, drilled a channel in it, and placed a plastic plug inside to give it stability and to allow for it to fit on the peg in the figure’s neck. I used the armor, the Havoc Staff, and the feet from the 2000 series Skeletor and added them to the base figure after painting it up. I attached the sword and scabbard from Wrarrl as well. I added a fabric hood and layered capes and KABLOOEY!!! My new, improved Skeletor was born:

Wrarrl is such a well-sculpted, excellently articulated figure that has such a dynamic, expressive presence that he was a natural for Skeletor. I hopefully have created a Skeletor that can look down on He-Man and make him tremble inside when he speaks.

I have set my sights on my next custom Masters of the Universe figure… Once again, Wrarrl has sacrificed himself to make another dark creature from the He-Man’s universe come to life. I wonder who he could be… hmmmmm...

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