Thursday, May 28, 2009


Ok, so Mott's Mummy Berry berry-flavored apple sauce is pretty good. It helps a lot that it was on sale for 75 cents and that it was lower in sugar (being diabetic sucks), but the stuff is really darn good nontheless.

When I was throwing away the carton the little packs came in I noticed something that cracked me up. Inside the package is printed a "puzzle" that consists of 6 pieces that you cut out and assemble. 6 pieces. I know... rocket scientist material, right?

The puzzle itself didn't crack me up... it was the fine print in the middle of the package:

It says, "Puzzled? Go to for help."

W o w . What made them think that a kid who would have a hard time putting together a puzzle with 6 pieces would be able to use the internet to find the solution. I'm thinking that a kid like that might have problems solving the riddle of the zipper on his pants.

Here's what the finished puzzle looks like:

I love horrible advertising... it makes me giggle.

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