Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Glowy Glowy

I'm not really a huge fan of the show Ben 10. I liked it when it first started out-- when he was still a little kid. There was something magically awesome about a little ten-year-old boy running around saving the universe by becoming one of ten different aliens. The writers of the first Ben 10 series wove some interesting and fun stories.

Then... they made Ben mature a bit... and it killed it for me. I'm not saying the show became something bad... it just became something I didn't really care for.

One thing, however, remained the same: the alien designs kicked all kind of butt. One of my favorites from the newer Ben 10 stuff is Echo Echo. He's a very simple, sleek design with just enough character elements to give him an awesome attitude. I have no idea what the character on the show is like-- I just like the design!

I had been tempted to buy the toy for a while, but I was never really won over by it enough to do so. It was neat, but nothing about it really bowled me over.

Then I saw the second release of the figure, and it had the one thing that will usually compell me to buy something: it glows in the dark.

This is the "Echo Echo Defender" figure, which sets it apart from the regular figure who is just called "Echo Echo." I have no idea either.

He's a nicely sculpted figure with very clean lines. He's articulated at the neck, shoulders, hips and knees. He's not super poseable, but he does OK. You can get some basic poses out of him, but he's mainly there to look slick sitting on your shelf. He stands around 3 inches tall, so he's not exactly a massive toy. Good thing I love small figures, huh?

He has a little backpack with tubes that connect to the sides of his head like earphones. He has the look and feel of a designer toy, to be honest. If I had no idea what the character was all about I'd assume he was some intergalactic DJ or something... he has a funky urban feel to him.

The figure comes with some crappy bio card and a little clear plastic figurine of the character. The bottom of the mini figurine plugs into the "Omnitrix" (SOLD SEPARATELY!!!) accessory so you can pretend to be Ben or something. Whatever. If anyone wants the little accessory figurine feel free to let me know... I'll be glad to send it to the first person who claims it. I have no use for the thing.

The best part about the figure is this:

Oh yeah... GLOW, BABY! GLOW!

He looks epic next to my other glowing toys, and that's all that matters.

I bought this one for 6 bucks, but I find that he's worth it even though he's small and has limited articulation. Be sure to look for the glowing one... you can tell he glows if you really look at the two different Echo Echo figures next to each other. The glow in the dark one is kind of a milky, yellowish white, while the regular version is a very stark white. In my opinion buying one of these figures that doesn't glow for the same price as one that does is a waste of cash.

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