Saturday, May 15, 2010

K-Mart rules.

Not because it's a great store... more often than not K-Mart stores are cluttered, messy, and filthy, and the prices are usually about a buck more than Walmart's regular prices. No, K-Mart rules because their clearance prices are FABULOUS!!!!

One thing I have found is that K-Mart's stuff sits in clearance for ages without being touched because the initial "clearance" price is only a bit less than the retail price. What many people don't realise is that the prices in the store computers continue to go down as the stuff sits there and rots on the shelf.
Chances are that if you see something on clearance and you're patient enough you can get it dirt cheap down the road. I saw a huge $44.99 G I JOE Rise of Cobra fighter jet today that rang up as $11.00!

Walmart plainly marks their clearance prices on their products and people snap them up before you even know they're gone. I was in a Walmart one day when they put the Avatar figures on clearance, and they marked them down from 9 bucks to 1 buck in one fell swoop. People flocked to the clearance rack and pretty much picked the meat from the bones. I managed to grab one figure.... the one figure left. K-Mart, on the other hand, keeps the same clearance price on the toy even though the price has dropped below the floor.

My regular practice is to grab a buggy, head to the clearance section, fill up the buggy with stuff, and scoot over to the price checker. Sometimes you don't find much... other days are better. Today was one of the good days.

I picked up an armful of stuff today for 10 bucks. The retail price on it all was supposed to be 39.99. I think I did ok!

First up is this Batman: The Brave and The Bold deluxe figure set. Retail $11.99... I paid $1.50!!!

It has Batman with Nth Metal Bat Knuckles, the Gentleman Ghost and his Ghost Steed.

Whatever... I bought it for the horse. That thing is awesome! Forget everything else in the set-- that horse RULES! The Gentleman Ghost isn't so bad either, but the horse-- yeah... the horse, man.

Best part of all? THEY GLOW! YEAH-YUH!!!!

This is supposed to be Batman with Nth Metal doodads.. yeah, whatever... I'm calling him Prison Beat-Down Batman and that's final.

Next up? Crappy Wolverine Origins figures. Retail $8.99 each... I paid $2.00 each!

Yay. I bought em to use as customs. I liked their pants.
We have Logan and "Deadpool."

Yay. The guys on 4chan's /toy/ who pretty much hated the character of Deadpool in the movie started calling him "Dudepeel." I agree with this practice. After having him a while I might just keep him as is because it's just a stupid looking toy.

But this is the highlight of my haul. I've been wanting this Bandai Creation (the American end of Bandai) Destroyah figure for a while now, but it's just never been worth 10 bucks to me, really. I'm cheap... sue me. He's never been one of my favorite Godzilla villains, so he wasn't a top priority. But when it's only 4 bucks? YEAH!

It's not as nice as the Japanese figure, but that figure can run you around 15-20 bucks (which it is totally worth because the paint on that beast is a beauty).

One thing it has over the Japanese version is the extra articulation. From what I have read the wings on this version have a much better range of movement, and the legs and arms are articulated as well. In total he has 9 points of articulation which is pretty darn rare with vinyl kaiju figures.

After actually getting him out of the package and goofing around with him, I can say he'd be well worth the full retail! He's a fun, creepy looking guy who'd look great in any kaiju collection! His wing-span is impressive!

On the way out I found these little dudes! Bok Choy Boys! These little suckers were 50 cents each and they are adorable! Keep an eye out for them in your area!

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