Tuesday, June 15, 2010

All good things...

Oh well... I guess everything has to end sometime. My growing T-Rex grew all he would grow-- well... he grew as much as the jar would let him grow.

Look at that guy! He's taking up most of the jar. Because he grew as much as the jar allowed, his tail quit growing, but the base of it got really thick. My T-Rex has a big ol' butt-- OH YEAH!

When I opened the jar his head shot out of the water like some bad B-movie.

Look at this sucker!

You can see just how massive the little thing got to be when Pheyden is next to him.

It's hard to believe this sucker started out like this:

The tiny company information blurb has grown... I figured it would fade away, but it's still there. This company wants you to know who they are!

Oh well... now we get to see what this thing looks like when it dries out. I hope it goes all deformed and shriveled like that Spider-Man my friend had!

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