Friday, June 25, 2010

The Argentinean Beastman Appears...

I mentioned a while back a contest to win a Fuerza-T figure on the Freak Studios blog. I wound up winning the contest with my Brawlor figure entry. Well, today I got this awesome package in the mail with my prize inside! WOO HOO! Tom, the guy who runs the blog asked that the winner take some pics of the figure with his collection, so here are some shots I took as soon as I opened the shipping box:

Here's Pantano with all his bootleg brethren.

Here he is with Beastman and Brawlor.


Just wanted to give you some shots of the package, front...

... and back.

And here he is on the wall with the rest of my figures of questionable origin. I normally open my toys, but this one is staying in the package... bootlegs are so much more fun in the package-- the art is always just he best! I love bootlegs!

Thanks, Tom! You're the man, man! I will always treasure my funky Beast-Brother.


I was taking pics of the Fuerza T figure and decided to snap some shots of the rest of my collection as it stands now:

Kaiju crazy times! I'm running out of room on top of my drawers.


I snagged this DVD case at the flea market for 5 bucks. I think it's a snazzy place to display my Glyos collection.

Top Shelf: Real Head stuff and Real Head x Onell stuff.
5th shelf: Pheydens and the Glyos Guides

4th shelf: Exellis figures and others
3rd shelf: My silver and glow in the dark figures

2nd shelf: Armodocs
Bottom shelf: Buildmen

Assorted superheroes, aliens, movie characters, and G.I. Joes

My art toys and "weird" toys


All kinda stuff!

Star Wars and Optimus Primes


And still... Christopher Walken watches over everything... EVERYTHING.

It's official: I have too much stuff. But I love it all! :D

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