Monday, June 21, 2010

Cheap stuff: in the store and in the mailbox

I had to mail some packages off today, but the post office was closed for lunch when I got to town. I went over to Family Dollar which is right next to the post office to pass the time. While I was there I found some 25th Anniversary G.I. Joe figures for 3 bucks each!

You can't beat that deal with a stick! Especially since this is the wave that I never saw in any stores anywhere.

I've been wanting a B.A.T. figure since before they ever even made one for this line. I also was quite happy to see Wraith there as well.

I never liked the character in the comics, but I always thought he was pretty cool looking regardless.

I like that his facemask slides up on his noggin so you can see his mustached Frenchman face. Haw haw!

When I got home I found that one of the figures I won on eBay had arrived in the mailbox. It was packed in a Rice-A-Roni box. So unusual! At least it was well-packed-- it is in great shape!

It's a Takara Mega SCF Convoy figure... which basically means he's an articulated PVC figure of Optimus Prime.

He doesn't transform, but I don't really care-- I like the character of Prime more than I like having a transforming toy.

He strikes a mean pose, and he looks just like he did in the old cartoon.

He looks quite nice with my other Optimus Prime figures, so I'm quite happy with my $1.36 purchase.

I love cheap stuff!

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