Saturday, June 12, 2010

Go! Go! Evil Aliens!

I never really cared for the American version of the Power Rangers all that much. The heroes were pretty annoying to me, and the scenes with the American actors shoved in got on my last nerve. What I loved about Power Rangers were the monsters. I always rooted for them. Goldar was my main reason to ever tune into that show, and I was continually disappointed by how much of a chump he was. Still... he looked awesome (A guy that looks that spiffy needed to whup butt at least every once in a while).

I was thrilled to find this little assortment of old Power Rangers villains for a really great price on eBay last week. I bid and won, and I thought I'd share my haul here.

What a motley crew! Most of these guys are the big 8 inch tall rotocast vinyl figures, but a couple are the smaller figures with action features. I mainly wanted to get the bigger guys to go in my kaiju collection, but one of the smaller dudes has won me over.

These are the smaller 5 inch figures. They each have some kind of action feature. I never really cared for this line because action features usually annoy the poo out of me.

This is Pudgy Pig. I guess he's a pig's head in a Roman Centurion's helmet. With disturbing fat lady legs... ugh... When you move the crest on the helmet his mouth moves, and he eats stuff.

Ummm... why is there a hinge on his butt?

Oh no... he has a place where he can "poop" out his digested food. Ugh.

This is Eye Guy. He rules. I wish he had been made as one of the larger scale figures, because his design is insane!

I'm not usually one for action features, but his is a cool one... you press that button on his back...

... and his "eye boobs" shoot out at you. A W E S O M E!

Another cool bit is that his main eye has an articulated eyelid, so you can make him blink. Take that, Optikk!

He looks pretty cool coming after smaller toys like Pheyden here. He's one of the very best things about this haul!

On to the big guys:

Here's Goldar. I already have one of these guys, so I was initially going to offer him up for trade-- however, he has a broken wing. I can fix it, but I'd hate to sell/trade a repaired toy. I think I'm going to repaint him with a better paint job than he had before.

This is Pirantishead. He's pretty festive. I love his bell-bottoms.

He's supposed to be in an action stance, but he really looks like he's dancing. I think I like that even more!

Alien monsters have awesome tastes in colors.

This is Soccodillo. I remember this dude from the show. He'd roll up in a ball and beat the crap out of the Rangers.

He really needs to see a doctor about that lump.

The textures on this guy are great. He's a pretty chunky figure, and I love that!

This is Goo Fish. GooFish. Goofish. Yeah...

He's a pretty disturbing looking dude. It's like he's two monsters smashed into one. He might be, for all I know-- I never saw the episode with him in it.

Gotta love that extra mouth there. Creepy...

This was the treasure of the haul to me. I have wanted a Guitardo ever since I saw the review of him on Collection DX.

The sculpt and paint work on him are excellent (this one is pretty scuffed up, but he's still awesome), and he just has a prescence on the shelf. He has a nice silver paint spray on his arms and legs and the entire figure has a metallic sheen.

Of all these guys, I think he looks the most like a monster that would have fit perfectly into the Ultraman universe.

See? Works like a charm.

He towers over smaller figures as well!

So overall, I am very happy with what my $9.50 bought. You can't beat that deal with a stick!

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