Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Knight Rider Becames Robert

This is a post I've promised for a long time, but it just never really happened until now. This one is for Spencer.

Some time ago ( July of last year) I bought a bootleg on eBay that quickly became my favorite bootleg of all time. It's not the best toy ever made-- in fact, it's pretty darn bad. The "badness" of this thing is probably its greatest charm. I give you:


Wow. That's pretty bad. This is a bootleg Super Gobots Zeemon figure that is, I assume, supposed to mimic K.I.T.T. from Knight Rider. The title alone sold me on this sucker... when I saw it on eBay I knew I had to have it. It was cheap enough-- I paid $1.99 with $2.50 shipping, so this thing was a steal... I guess...

You'll notice the snazzy instructions are printed RIGHT ON THE BACK!!! OK, so that's nothing to get really excited about, but I had to say something. One thing to notice is the sweet sword that the robot on the package is holding. Yeah... the toy doesn't come with that sword. Bleh.

Check out that sweet color scheme. Ugh.

If this thing were a real car the driver would undoubtedly get beat up at rest areas for driving such an abomination.

I love the little "Knight Rider Becames Robert" sticker on the side. Classy.

I wonder if the windows in this thing are street legal...

The trunk actually opens... YEAH!!!

So I guess this is the Robert that Knight Rider becames.

Standing 5.5 inches tall, it's an exact copy of Zeemon down to the last detail...

... except for the fact that this version is all plastic... VERY fragile plastic. I've only transformed it twice, including this time because I'm scared to death the thing's going to break.

I figured he needed to pose with another bootleg legend, the Galaxy Empire Stormtrooper. I love bootlegs!

He even has his little driver in his noggin. He's kinda deformed looking, but he's there!

Yes, friends... the might, the majesty...

Knight Rider Becames Robert. Indeed.


krakit said...

I keep coming back to check out this cool wacko toy. Hahaha! So crazy, but so much fun too. Thanks again for posting this, Charles.

Jinzo Clash said...

"Down to the last detail"? Nope. That hood and the undercarriage it's attached to are completely different. I just spent like an hour zipping around eBay and Google image searches trying to see if there was a Gobot or other Bandai version that THAT came from. Guessing it's an original sculpt, exclusive to the bootleg. Also, i just won one of these on eBay for about $22, free shipping lol.